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“It starts with the small things. A handwritten note in your room. A perfect Negroni, waiting for you at the bar. The concierge, always on hand to enhance your stay. The effortless charm of it all. Hallmarks of a lost age of travel, when hotels were the meeting places of tasteful globetrotters.”

These moments and values are a precious heritage that needs to be maintained and improved. When done right, these traditions can bring new meaning and pleasure to the art of travel. They transform a hotel from just a place to sleep, to a valuable destination on your journey.

The Vagabond Club is an anthology of unique hotels bringing about a new Golden Age of travel. Designed for the modern day vagabond, a cosmopolitan aesthete who roams the world with a light touch and an open mindset, our properties are located in some of the most interesting and beautiful locations in Europe and beyond. Taking pride in doing things the right way, the Vagabond Club seeks to bring the Grand Hotel experience to its boutique hotels.

Each destination defines the individuality of the hotel, whether it is a Vagabond Club Townhouse or Resort.

Curiosity & Responsibility

Our way

We take pride in doing things our own way. Be it sustainable and great food concepts, trendy bar styles, engaging with the surroundings and sharing the most beautiful hidden places locally. Our modern values and the wonderful traditions of Grand Hotels, this is exactly what gives deep joy and meaning to travel.

Travel is about experiences, open-mindedness, curiosity, and responsibility – for us, our future, and our community. It is always a journey and never a stop.


Our Position


*from the Greek of “habit, custom, usage, manner of mind and character”.


Deep Blue describes the attitude of the Vagabond Club. It is about sustainable development, that consistently demands, combines and implements environmental aspects on an equal footing with social and economic considerations.

Our principles and measures revolve primarily around the following key issues:

  • We fully support the idea of a free and liberal world in which every human being has the right to live in a healthy and protected environment.
  • We fulfil a social corporate responsibility with regard to our actions and our employees.
  • We have a clear position on the social issues of our time and address them.
  • We source products exclusively from the best quality and local producers.
  • We take sustainable responsibility by promoting e-mobility, green electricity and the use of renewable energy.
  • We do not purchase goods from countries that do not make an honest effort to protect the climate and with repressive government systems.
  • We support the digital self-determination of every individual. Digital processes must be transparent, verifiable and fair.
  • We reinvest parts of our profits in conservation of nature activities without commercial intentions.


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